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What is a Marketing Plan, How to Write One and Why it is so important even for small business

To develop a long-term and healthy company, it is not enough just to sell more, you need a strategy, clarity, and marketing strategy!

Small businesses, local businesses, or beginning companies, are a common necessity to attract new clients and to become known, so they start a profile on social media and post one thing or another, but it is clear that these actions do not have a strategy behind them.

In other cases, companies may even have a marketing plan, but the ideas are centralized in the manager’s head and the objectives are not clear and direct, the team just executes this idea, without having the clarity of the purpose of the actions and the connection between them.

In both cases, we have a red flag, which is essential to develop a marketing plan. Through it, we will be able to bring clarity and cohesion to the business objectives and deadlines.

It’s not enough to have an excellent product, an excellent spot on the busiest avenue in the city if nobody knows your brand, your product, and how it can help people’s lives.

That’s why I consider Marketing the heart of a company, being essential to generate demand for all other areas, bringing energy, oxygen, and life to the company, and opening up possibilities for growth.

A strategic marketing plan is not only for big companies! 

A marketing plan has excellent benefits for small and medium businesses!

Starting a business is not easy, especially in the beginning, it demands a lot from the owner, however, know that having a marketing plan for your business from day 1 will save you money and time.

It can even bring more peace to the entrepreneur, based on clarity about the path to be taken to achieve your business objectives, whether it be winning the first clients or tripling revenue.

But what is exactly a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is a document that summarizes the entire marketing strategic plan, which may focus on a specific period or I could guide all future marketing campaigns of the company.

This document is essential to ensure cohesion between all marketing campaigns, connecting them and, above all, to ensure that the company is moving forward to achieve that main goal.

The marketing plan is more than a marketing management tool, it is also a tool for tactical and strategic planning of the whole company, connecting the long and medium-term goals of the business with the operational and more specific short-term definitions.

Remembering that it is a live material, which must adapt to the reality and structure of each company.

Considering the organization’s strategies and alignment of the team, the Marketing Plan also fulfills other functions:

  • support data-driven decision-making;
  • optimize marketing investments, avoid waste, and maximize results;
  • improve internal communication, employee motivation, and integration between teams;
  • map the scenario, identify the best opportunities, and anticipate threats;
  • generate short, medium, and long-term results, which make strategies more sustainable.

See, the Marketing Plan is much more than a document — it is a powerful tool to improve business management!

Ahead are some of the benefits of having an established marketing plan:

1 – Strategic Direction and Clear Objectives: A marketing plan sets the actions to achieve your business goals. It documents the defined business objectives and identifies opportunities and threats in addition to bringing intelligence about the market. 

This allows you to make assertive decisions, avoiding wasting resources and time.

2- Market and Target Audience Knowledge: A marketing plan encompasses detailed market and target audience research and analysis. It involves understanding the needs, desires, and behaviors of your potential customers. This is the richest information you can have in your business!

By knowing your target audience in-depth, you can adapt your solution and also your communication as a company, so it is more attractive to this audience.

In addition, to ensuring assertive communication and attracting more customers, by conducting in-depth research, you can identify market gaps, and opportunities to develop new products and get more success in your business.

3- Save money! Optimize your Resources: By having a well-structured marketing plan, you become more efficient with the amounts invested in marketing campaigns and also as a company in general.

That’s because through this plan you gain business intelligence! With a clear plan in hand, you can prioritize your marketing activities, identify the most effective strategies, and avoid wasted spending on tactics that don’t pay off or don’t make sense for your goals.

In addition, a marketing plan allows you to monitor and evaluate the performance of your initiatives, making adjustments when necessary.

This helps you optimize your investments and achieve maximum impact with available resources.

4- Building a Strong Brand: By having a marketing strategy, it is possible to coordinate all your marketing communication, thereby also developing your branding.

By maintaining a consistent and cohesive presence, you build a strong and recognizable brand image, instilling confidence and professionalism in your customers. This consistency increases your brand recall and reinforces customer loyalty.

5- Professionalism: Amateur companies do not survive long in competitive markets, so having a structured marketing plan from day 1 of your company, in addition to bringing all the benefits already mentioned, shows the market and customers that you are a serious company, which is not on the market just for fun.

6- Demand Generation: A marketing strategy allows you to generate demand for your product or service. By creating awareness and promoting your products or services with strategy, your brand captures consumers’ attention and drives them to action. This generates increased sales and sustainable growth for your business.

7- Creating Relationships with Customers: To have a strong company means to be constantly growing. More than just acquiring new customers, to build loyalty and generate repurchases from those who have already bought from your brand!

Currently, with social media, people are sharing more of their experiences with brands and products in an organic way, encouraging the purchase! Therefore, having a well-structured marketing plan allows you to generate an engaging customer experience journey, allowing them to become real fans of your brand!

What is the best type of marketing to use in this strategy?

There are several possibilities, however, here, I will mention the main strategies that can be adopted individually and also together, focusing on Digital Marketing.

Inbound Marketing

This strategy focuses on attracting potential buyers organically, based on the persona’s interests, connecting it with the brand! It is through strategic, personalized content, considering each stage of the purchase journey, that this strategy helps raise public awareness of the solution that your business offers, generating desire and also increasing the company’s authority.

Within this strategy, we use the creation of landing pages, content marketing, relationship, paid media, and sales!

Content marketing

Content marketing is the strategy of the time! It is suitable for companies of all niches and sizes, it attracts and generates connections between the company and its potential customers, in addition to being the base strategy to increase the company’s authority, assist in branding, and also to generate contacts for the sales team!

This strategy can be applied in several channels such as social media, blogs, and email marketing. This is usually the main pillar of Inbound Marketing strategies.

Social media marketing

Within this channel, we can work on several things such as: generating more sales, and building branding, in addition to creating a community of true fans around your brand!

But for it to be possible, is essential to align the language of the brand with the language of the channel.

Social media become stronger and it is possible to use ads combined with email marketing to boost your sales!

It is also very well used by local businesses, being able to generate more orders via the website or app, in addition to more visits to the store.

Paid Media

We will actively prospect potential clients, this being the fastest method of converting customers! In general, we use sponsored content on social media, banners on websites, and sponsored links on Google.

This strategy is ideal to leverage others, especially the Inbound Marketing and Social Media strategy, attracting more people to your business, and generating more efficiency!

How to put Marketing Plan into practice?

To help you build your company’s marketing plan and start applying it today, we’ve created exclusive material with a complete step-by-step guide on how to build your strategy!

Download the guide here.

In summary, having a marketing strategy brings market intelligence to every company! It allows the team to make more assertive decisions and ensures cohesion between the campaigns, in addition to building a strong brand and generating sales!

We hope this article has helped you better understand the importance of building your company’s marketing plan from day 1!

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